From the recording ZiFM Stereo Radio Interview

Initially I had wanted this interview to be done as a pre-recorded one - mainly because it's my very first interview and I do admit that I was a bit nervous (well, I guess that's better than being over confident!).
I however changed my mind after chatting to the producer/presenter of the show, she strongly advised that I do it live. The reason? It's more real and people listening can sense this. I guess what she meant was that people connect easily with a live interview, though granted, in many cases this may not be possible.
In my opinion, it doesn't even matter if you make a few mistakes or go 'umm' here and there. It will just confirm that you are a normal person who is not perfect and that you're not superhuman. There is quite some pressure on you as a person once you are in the public eye. The best thing is to just be yourself! I made sure that I prayed beforehand and it went very well. 
By the way, the show I was on is called 'The Xhaleblock' and the producer/presenter is yours truly Patience Musa.
And would I do it again? Umm, umm, a big "YES!". I had such fun!!!