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Christian fiction



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17 June 2013

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1 July 2013

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22 August 2014

Author bio

Tsungi Chiwara was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. She moved to the capital city, Harare, when she was three years old. At high school she attended a boarding school that is similar to the one depicted in her book ‘Reflections of the heart - a story of hope’. She currently works as a Logistics Advisor in the health care sector in Zimbabwe. She writes in her spare time.

She is very passionate about writing and loved to write essays and stories from childhood. Her inspiration in life is her Christian faith and she has a desire to encourage and motivate those in her sphere of influence to not give up in life but rather, to see their dreams become a reality. Tsungi also seeks to be active in what she calls 'creative evangelism' as she writes.

She counts her family as her biggest success and is married to Jimi. They are blessed with four children.

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Book foreword

By Diana Scimone, children's book writer from Florida, U.S.A.

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Each page of ‘Reflections of the heart - a story of hope’ will leave you wondering what will happen next. This intense and gripping book centers on the somewhat cushioned life of a black African girl, Kui, who grows up in pre and post-independent Zimbabwe.

The first few chapters are a detailed narrative, laying a foundation for the story by describing Kui’s background and upbringing, particularly her high school years. This is important in understanding who Kui is and setting the context of the novel.

The story evolves and becomes progressively conversational. It highlights the situations Kui comes across as the years progress culminating into the events that lead to her life reaching rock bottom. Somehow through it all God enters the picture, but will Kui take this lifeline? A significant portion of the book focuses on the soul-searching and turmoil within Kui’s heart together with her thoughts and feelings, which she keeps to herself.

The story and characters may be fictitious but the emotions and feelings of rejection, low self-esteem, little self-worth, depression, disappointment and pain are very real. Each reader will relate to one or more of these. The story is multifaceted, touching on a wide range of very relevant and timeless topics such as the discrimination of people living with HIV and AIDS, the differing social classes, racism, a father’s neglect, betrayal, teenage love, forgiveness and other issues of the heart.

The book is primarily for readers needing encouragement, motivation, inspiration, hope and who are searching for answers and a purpose in life. It will also inevitably appeal to a wider audience such as those who like boarding school type stories, novels with a diary or memoir flair, a romantic touch and a bit of humour.

Book excerpt

'Chapter 1: The early years

It’s not how you start...

“I’m not sure why I did it,” repeated Kui with a somewhat disinterested tone.

The psychiatrist, the hospital matron and her mum looked at each other almost as though each expected the other to have an answer.

After a while, Kui’s mother stood up and thanked the psychiatrist for coming. After seeing her out as well as the matron, who had also taken the cue to leave, she came back to sit by Kui’s bedside.

She sighed, looked at her daughter, and fighting back the tears in her eyes whispered softly to her, “You know that I love you very much Kuitakwashe, don’t you?”

Kui looked at her mother, always trying to be strong for her, and as she noticed the tears in her eyes, suddenly a flood of regret filled her whole being.

“You’ve done nothing but love and support me all my life and for that I am eternally grateful mum.”

Kui’s mother leaned over and kissed her on the cheek and whispered, “Good night and see you in the morning.”

“Good night,” replied Kui…'


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The book has 14 chapters

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214 (estimated by Amazon)

230 (hard copy) The hard copy has extra sections at the beginning, namely 'Endorsements' and 'A word from the author'; the acknowledgements are also in more details.

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