How many times have you heard a quote or a saying and it has captured something you relate to? Many times it describes exactly what you feel in your heart! And then you wish you had written it down so that you can refer back to it, right? Over the past year I've been searching my heart and writing down inspirational and encouraging quotes of my own. They are arranged alphabetically to make it easier to find a topic:



"Above everything believe in God. Next believe in yourself and you'll be unstoppable! Then, others will believe in you."

"When life gets tough, in order to stay sane, you MUST believe that things will get better one day; the challenge can't last forever!"

"Believe in yourself and believe in your dreams. If YOU aren't convinced, you won't convince others."

"If you always think, "I can ", you can! If you always think, "I can't", well then, you can never! Your self-talk is vital."

"Your dreams can come true, but you have to pursue them, believe in yourself and don't give up."



"God alone knows which test is suitable for each person, and He allocates them accordingly."

"We should expect TESTS (challenges/problems etc) in our lives because that is how in the end we are able to have a TESTimony."

"In life, hurdles are there to be jumped over, obstacles need to be figured out, challenges exist to be tackled."

"The challenges and hard times we go through equip us to better reach out and help others later in life."

"Failures and regrets should not end up paralyzing you. If they do, it will be hard for you to make progress - you'll remain stuck where you are."

"Some challenges may seem to be taking you backwards when in fact it's a 'catapault set-up', to propel you to greater heights."

"Adversities and problems have a way of making people innovative, which at times facilitates the 'push' that they need."

"Don't stay down - get up! Resilience is the ability to bounce back from set backs and challenges, which we all encounter."

"Don't pray for there to be no challenges. Rather pray for wisdom to tackle the challenges that come your way."

"Something maybe difficult, challenging and a lot of hard work...but that doesn't mean it's impossible to achieve!"

"Everyone throughout life will face challenges - but it's not so much the 'what' as it is the 'how' of handling challenges. This calls for wisdom."

"Challenges exist to bring out your full potential which might otherwise stay dormant forever."



"Patience and discipline are some of the most challenging attributes to have, but they are necessary for success."

"Maturity of character is when you're not bothered anymore by the things that used to bother you."

"Dying to self in part involves the difficult task of keeping quiet, even when you know that you're right and justified." 

"When you have a grateful spirit and thank God for what you already have - it multiplies."


Dreams & desires...

"People will always have opinions as you pursue your dreams - but if you give into them, you can be sure your dreams will evaporate."

"All you need is one big thumbs up from God and all the thumbs down from people won't matter - your dreams will come true!"

"The fear of man will paralyze you and hamper your dreams. Stop caring so much what people think and proceed!"

"If you are serious about fulfilling your dream, you'll be radical if you have to be, knowing no limits."

"In order to pursue your dream successfully, adopt a 'go get it' rather than a 'come give me' attitude."

"If you choose not to start or to quit now, you'll be tortured later by imagining what could have been."

"Dream big and then act on it and make it happen. If not, then all you're doing is day-dreaming."

"Your dreams can come true, but you have to pursue them, believe in your self and not give up."

"Don't be overly concerned about what others think. The fear of man can only stunt your potential and stifle your dreams."

"Every now and then, we need to be inspired in order to reactivate hope, rekindle our dreams and make them happen."

"Without the fuel of passion to drive you, your dreams will fade away and remain but a mere wish. What is your passion? What drives you?"

"Don't let tomorrow's possibilities and aspirations be clouded by yesterday's mistakes and failures."

"Among other things the following P's will help you fulfill your dreams - passion, plan, perservere, prioritize and prayer."

"Each new day is filled with hope that things will work out and you'll be a step closer to realizing your dream."

"Don't let people talk you out of your dream - these are dreambreakers! Focus on what the Dreammaker has put in your heart."

"We are not in competition with each other but with ourselves - we don't need to aim at out-doing others. That competitive spirit is rather to help us aim high and fulfill our dreams."

"Passion is that thing you love so much and you focus on all the time. It's the key to unlocking your dreams."

"Your purpose and destiny are linked to what preoccupies your mind, because that's what you're passionate about."

"You're likely to excel in the area that you're most passionate about. What's your passion? What drives you?"

"Pick up the pieces of your shattered hope and dreams, restrategize in order to reform and revive them."



"About 2 billion people have not heard the Gospel. We need to explore creative evangelism to reach them."

"Keep one eye on your personal goals and dreams, and the other one on the Great Commission."

"Mass media is an incredibly powerful tool for spreading news...including the GOOD NEWS of the Gospel."



"If everything is okay all the time, then you don't need faith. Do you?"

"Faith is when you step out to cross and there's no visible bridge. The bridge somehow appears and unravels as you proceed."

"If you want to be successful, you must stand up and have faith. Don't bow down to voices of doubt however loud."


General encouragement...

"When you're going through 'valley' experiences remember: valleys are surrounded by mountains, so keep the mountains in sight!"

"God has a reason for every season."

"Life is like chess. You may make bad moves here and there, but if you have an overall good strategy, you'll win."

"Use the creative power of your tongue to cement your prayers, not to contradict them."

"In life you need to know which relationships to drop, which to keep at arms length and which to embrace."

"Don't fret when people side-line you in life - ultimately favour, promotion and success come from the Lord. Things will change."

"When you're in God's will, there eventually comes a time when gates open automatically and everything just flows."

"At least try! Go for it! Don't give up! If you choose not to then you're already defeated before you've even started."

"Remember, no matter what you face in life, don't let go of GOD's hand!"

"Ordinary men and women can accomplish extraordinary feats, when they connect with God."

"A genuine mentor will not only point the way, he or she will take you by the hand and walk with you lest you lose your way."

"Everything around you was created by somebody. Don't limit your creativity...think outside the box."



"Inspiration revives dreams that were slowly slipping away and dying. It gives hope and the encouragement to not give up."

"Every time you share from the heart and it's not an academic exercise, you touch lives and people are never the same again."

"It doesn't take perfection to touch people's lives - just availability and willingness to share from the heart."

"Inspiration gives you hope and a reason to keep getting up each day. It reminds you that you can try again and succeed."



"It's amazing how talents are like muscles -the more you use them, the more developed they become."

"A disciplined average-talent person will reach greater heights than an undisciplined very talented one."

"Talent alone is not enough to succeed - You need much prayer, perseverance, discipline and the ability to overcome negativity."



"We need to apply the spiritual filter called discernment, when people talk - then we'll know if it's wisdom or just mere talk."

"Sometimes you just need to say to yourself , "I have bigger fish to fry", and walk away from certain situations. Sometimes THAT is wisdom."

"When you ask God for wisdom you can achieve so much with so little."

"We don't need to fight every battle that comes our way - Discern when to let it be."

"Knowing the Word of God and memorizing it is good, understanding it is even better, but applying it in your life is best and shows wisdom."




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