Reflections of the Heart - A Story of Hope

"Many people talk about writing a book, but Tsungi has done it! In her first effort, Tsungi tells a story, and what a story it is! It is a story of hope and redemption in the midst of pain - and which one of us has not had experience with the pains of life. Well done, Tsungi. You did what you set out to do and the world is better off for it. Keep up the good work!"

Dr. John Stanko - President of PurposeQuest International. 
Author of several books including “Unlocking the Power of Purpose", Conference Speaker. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,U.S.A


"Tsungi has rare abilities to tell a story that is rich in meaning while making sure it happens in the most captivating and engaging manner. Reading her book created an almost "real" motion picture in my mind. Every page knits favorably into the next, each chapter weaves the story beautifully together.

You cannot help but picture in your mind everything that happens right to the end. This book is pregnant with emotions that are embodied by exciting and enjoyable characters contained in it. It is a story of hope, romance and really a sum-total of a variety of social concerns human beings face daily.

Tsungi is an incredible person to work with. I have had the privilege to work with her when she was writing her first incredible book. Her writing skills are exceptional and world class. When she was going through the publication process I noticed how dedicated and committed she is to her vision. She has such a passion for excellence that is clearly evident through all that she does.

I recommend her work to anyone who would like to make use of her ingenuity, creative power and just the desire to produce results that speak for themselves. I am so excited to see something that started off as an idea coming to life. Her ability to persevere and pay attention to detail can be felt in this fine piece of art. I congratulate you Tsungi for a job well done. You are an incredible author whose work deserves to go into every home all over the world"

Rabison Shumba - Author, Motivational Speaker and Life-Coach. Harare, Zimbabwe


"I enjoyed being along the journey with Kui, I thought the aunt had the most notable aura and her effect on Kui is totally believable...This is the story of Kui from a young child until pre college...In fact the story begins with her in the hospital and the reader knows that something has happened. The idea is that the story that follows will explain how she got there and what happened. This is intriguing...The aunt is portrayed as a woman at peace with herself and Kui notices this and envies this. Eventually, Kui discovers that this peace comes from a relationship with God, and she wants to be a part of this as well. She begins her journey after much soul searching in her journal, and the reader is along for the ride through the countless vivid excerpts the author provides. This is a carefully written novel about discovering God and becoming at peace with oneself as a troubled teenager. The story is well developed as are the characters...the characters all add the depth to the novel and make it believable. This is especially true for the aura surrounding the aunt who has an unforgettable effect on Kui and no doubt the reader."

Dr. Barbara - Editor. Amsterdam, The Netherlands


“Tsungai takes you on a journey exploring the mind of a teenager. Reading this book will make any parent understand how the mind of a young person works. A brilliant read for the young at heart!”

Wilma Rutendo Bizabani - Content Strategist. Harare, Zimbabwe


"A touching story of a young woman's journey through life. From the struggles of a dysfunctional family to the challenges faced by many budding women. Intricately woven, we walk with her with each step until she reaches the end of the rope she had woven herself, only to find hope again when she finds herself unexpectedly broken and empty, handed at the ever loving Saviour's feet. 
This book also exposes some of the consequences of the perennial problem of dysfunctional father-daughter relationship which is all too common in our African culture. I hope we can all learn from it. Well done Tsungi."

Tarisai Sharon Nyahoda - Consultant Physician. Johannesburg, South Africa


"I'm captured by the range of emotions reflected in the life of Kui and the characters that make up her life story. Throughout the journey of her life, you feel as if you too are personally meeting the people around her. On many occasions I felt as if I've met some of the characters in my own life...that's how real this book is. Of personal particular mention of the emotional experience I had, is the feeling that I must pour into my own daughter as much as I can today whilst I still have the chance.

Set in carefully crafted environments, Kui's encounters and thought processes are the depiction of how harsh life can be and equally how rewarding it can eventually get. I love turnaround moments and this book has spoonfuls of the stuff.

Reflections of the heart - a story of hope, is both instructive and entertaining more-so the former. The introduction of God into the life of Kui is a game-changing twist that suddenly yet systematically shifts the trajectory of her life. You cannot read it without thinking about your own life. A page turner indeed."

Evan Mawarire - Author of Dream Big & Make it happen, The wisdom of the ant, The F Word, The thread of Grace. Harare, Zimbabwe 


Congratulatory message

"I met Tsungai in 2005 when I taught a workshop in Harare on how to write a book. We kept in touch over the years and now 7 years later I am thrilled to see she has persevered and completed her book - not the one she originally thought of writing during that workshop but another one. (What author doesn’t have more than one book in her?) This is an achievement to be celebrated. Congratulations, Tsungai!”

Diana Scimone - Writer's coach. Florida, U.S.A.

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